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Waterloo Uncovered is the groundbreaking charity combining
world-class archaeology with veteran care and recovery.

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Onze Britse vrienden hebben met veel enthousiasme gereageerd op de oprichting van Recovery on the Battlefield:

Our British friends have responded with great enthusiasm to the establishment of Recovery on the Battlefield:

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Waterloo Uncovered

Brigadier Greville Bibby CBE –Waterloo Uncovered Chairman of Trustees

“The Dutch played a vital role in the Battle of Waterloo, as they have played a key role in thegreville-bibby development of Waterloo Uncovered. We always wanted to be an international organisation, as we believed our aims (supporting veterans through archaeology) should not be restricted by international borders. We applaud the launch of ‘Recovery from the Battlefield’ with the greatest pleasure, and we wish them a very successful future. Waterloo was an important chapter in Anglo-Dutch history, and it is so good to see the ‘Waterloo Uncovered’-‘Recovery from the Battlefield’ relationship continuing this collaboration in such a positive, initiative, and exciting way.”

Brigadier Greville Bibby CBE

Mark Evans – Waterloo Uncovered CEO

“The benefits archaeology can provide veterans are indisputable, as we have proven over the markpast six years at Waterloo Uncovered. It is amazing, then, to see this opportunity extended to even more veterans internationally. Could there be anything better than the creation of Recovery on the Battlefield? A Dutch charity using archaeology to explore Dutch military history and support Dutch veterans (who are, quite literally, military history in the making). We wish them the very best of luck and look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.”

Mark Evans CEO Waterloo Uncovered